In my workshop I have all the tools and equipment to carry out the reluming work with the highest possible quality. To achieve the best finish, I like to use an optimal selection of Swiss made varnish and pigments individually adapted to each type of dial. Before applying the lume, preliminary tests are carried out, since an optimal mixture is required to apply the lume well and safe, so that the flow during application is continuous and the dots, markers or numbers can be covered more uniformly. Other factors such as atmospheric pressure, humidity and temperature, the diameter of the applicator and the general condition of the dial can also influence the final outcome.

There are a variety of Swiss Super-LumiNova®pigments available in the watch industry:


C1 – White with about 31% brightness of C3

C3 – Yellow -green with the brightest glow

C5 – Greenish-yellow with 89% brightness of C3

C7 – Green with 84% brightness of C3

C9 – Bluish-green with about 83% brightness C3

BGW9 – Light bluish-white with about 95% glow of C3

Old Radium – Appears to be aged/vintage tritium lume in the daytime, but glows a bright yellowish-green at night

The new Swiss Super-LumiNova® C3 Grade X1 shows a performance increase of up to 60% after two hours compared to the standard grade.

By using Swiss Super-LumiNova® C3 Grade X1, the legibility according to the ISO 3157 standard will be extended by at least a factor of 1.6 on the long term.